Santo Domingo Blog 2014 – Day 2

by Sabrina Lucena

SantoDomingoBlog-Day2_pic1 Day two and I have finally found out what it is like to be famous. The children’s reactions were priceless. Just driving up to the entrance [of the Armando Rosenberg Orphanage] students began to go wild! It is such an indescribable feeling that I will never forget. The children ran so fast towards us and bombarded us with a bunch of questions they have been dying to ask. We conversed back in forth about topics such as our ages, sports played, and favorite subjects. Even with the little time we had with them today, we spoke to each other like we were life-long best friends. It is incredible to witness the excitement on their faces when we take a picture of them or give them a high five. They lack in toys and electronics, but that doesn’t seem to matter to them because they value their friends so much more.

SantoDomingoBlog-Day2_pic5After the fun in the sun with the children came the well overdue work that was necessary at the orphanage. We worked on upkeeping the paint around the windows and joined together to repaint the many windows. You may not think that that’s much but, it was amazing to see the difference it made of the appearance of the orphanage.

We then were able to meet with the high school students. Let me just say how we look like little kids compared to them! When first entering the high school partition of the school, we were hesitant at first because we knew their reaction would be much different than the ones of the children, but once we started to communicate with them, it was smooth sailing from there. My friends, Niko Basolis, Juliana Merighi and Lukas Gavigan, and I were instantly attracted to a group that we named “The Drama Kids” because they love music. They serenaded us with their love songs and their rap songs. We connected very well and even sang “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion! We then ventured off to where all the action was happening, the championship volleyball game. It was insane to see how intense these games were and how different it was from the ones back home. It definitely was one of the coolest experiences of the trip so far.

SantoDomingoBlog-Day2_pic6We ended our day with a relaxing dip in the pool and some yummy fried chicken! It was an all-around great day and I am so excited for what’s next to come!

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