Santo Domingo Blog 2014 – Day 4

by Sabrina Lucena

image001Last day at the orphanage and we unfortunately didn’t get to spend any time with the children. Today was a special holiday for them, which also meant no school. We missed seeing these smiling faces and look forward to hopefully seeing them next year!

We were able to accomplish many tasks in the 4 hours that we were there. First, we painted the outside of a classroom that desperately needed a “touch up”. Obstacles occurred, but we persevered as a group to complete the job at hand. We even had a little fun with the paint, minus the burning feeling we got while trying to take the paint off of our hands, arms, and even legs.

Dinner was the highlight of the evening. Two special guests joined us that had such a huge impact on the service that was done at the orphanage. Antonio was the nicest person I have ever met in my life. He guided us the whole way through the different projects we did around the orphanage, with always the brightest smile.  His patience and reassurance gave us confidence that we can accomplish anything and everything, as long as we put our minds to it. We also got to meet his lovely daughter who resembled him so much. She was very poised and polite, and wore the same smile thimage003at her father does. It was refreshing to meet such heartwarming people in a country with such poor conditions. By just being themselves they were able to have a huge impact on my outlook on life. It is such a huge honor to meet someone as devoted to service as Antonio is. I won’t see him until next years trip and I already miss him!

Our day ended with many inside jokes being made and memories that we will never forget! We appreciate everything so much more which makes life that more precious. Together as a group and friends we cherish every moment and learned through these orphans to stay humble and be thankful.

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