Walking Map for the Papal Visit

In Mickey Brandt’s cover story, “Pope Coming to Philly,” in the September 9 issue of The Grapevine, he referred to a walking map of Philadelphia during Pope Francis’s upcoming visit. You can view/download them here:

Veterans Day 2014

To honor all veterans, Mickey Brandt of The Grapevine sat down last week with three of them who reside at the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home in Vineland. The full transcript of the interview could not be published in print, but is available to read below.

You can also listen along here:

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GRAPEVINE: Please tell me where you’re from and your branch of service.
JOE POSTORINO: North Bergen, Army
GV: Were you in any combat?
JOE: We relieved the Third Army at Stroudsburg in France. We were in, what do you call it…
HENRY SPEED: Battle of the Bulge
JOE: Now, we were in the Maginot Line.
GV: How old are you, Joe?
JOE: 102.

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Test post (private)

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Santo Domingo Blog 2014 – Day 5

by Sabrina Lucena

image003The last day of the most memorable trip was perfect, besides the little sickness I got overnight. I do not advise you to leave your mouth open while showering! Anyway, we spent most of our day at a beach called Boca Chica. Let me start by saying that this beach was not anything like the ones back home. Let’s just say that there really weren’t any rules or dress code of any kind. The beach was not conservative at all and the people there were so used to being so open and not caring what anyone thought about what they were wearing.

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Santo Domingo Blog 2014 – Day 4

by Sabrina Lucena

image001Last day at the orphanage and we unfortunately didn’t get to spend any time with the children. Today was a special holiday for them, which also meant no school. We missed seeing these smiling faces and look forward to hopefully seeing them next year!

We were able to accomplish many tasks in the 4 hours that we were there. First, we painted the outside of a classroom that desperately needed a “touch up”. Obstacles occurred, but we persevered as a group to complete the job at hand. We even had a little fun with the paint, minus the burning feeling we got while trying to take the paint off of our hands, arms, and even legs.

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Santo Domingo Blog 2014 – Day 3

by Sabrina Lucena

Toimage001day we woke up extra early to spend as much time as we could finishing our paint job from yesterday and interacting with the kids we now considered friends. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked into the orphanage and saw groups of kids chanting and hooking arms and legs while hopping. It was easy to tell the strong connection they had between each other during this ritual. These kids are filled with such joy and excitement in everything they do. It is incredible to witness these kids, who do not have a stable family or a family at all, remain happy.

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Santo Domingo Blog 2014 – Day 2

by Sabrina Lucena

SantoDomingoBlog-Day2_pic1 Day two and I have finally found out what it is like to be famous. The children’s reactions were priceless. Just driving up to the entrance [of the Armando Rosenberg Orphanage] students began to go wild! It is such an indescribable feeling that I will never forget. The children ran so fast towards us and bombarded us with a bunch of questions they have been dying to ask. We conversed back in forth about topics such as our ages, sports played, and favorite subjects. Even with the little time we had with them today, we spoke to each other like we were life-long best friends. It is incredible to witness the excitement on their faces when we take a picture of them or give them a high five. They lack in toys and electronics, but that doesn’t seem to matter to them because they value their friends so much more.

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Local Student Blogs from Santo Domingo


In what has been called an “anti-tourist trip,” a contingent of Cumberland County high schoolers and  adult advisors are traveling on a Vineland Rotary Club sponsored trip to the Armando Rosenberg orphanage in the Dominican Republic with plans to work hard and help out. Sabrina Lucena blogs from Santo Domingo.

Hello my name is Sabrina Lucena and I am currently in Santo Domingo with people from the interact club at Vineland High School and Absegami. The second we stepped out of the airplane the heat smacked us right in the face. It was a huge adjustment from the snowy weather back home. The bus we took from the airport to the hotel had friendly Spanish people aboard, allowing us to practice some of our Spanish. On our way to the hotel, I looked to my left and saw such a sparkling blue ocean, while on the other side reflected poverty of the country.

It was a huge shock to witness firsthand the amount of filth throughout the streets. Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the orphanage today because there was not a bus available to take us but, having extra time throughout the day allowed us to better get to know each other and spend quality time with each other.

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Paul Doe interviews Mayor Bermudez

The Grapevine newspaper’s columnist Paul Doe interviewed embattled Vineland mayor Ruben Bermudez on February 11, 2014. Listen to the interview below, or click here to view directly on YouTube.

Exclusive With Representative LoBiondo

Just before the 113th Congress reconvened after the summer hiatus, Rep. Frank LoBiondo visited The Grapevine office to discuss matters of local and national scope affecting his constituents here in the Second Congressional District of New Jersey. That district includes all of Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem counties and parts of Camden, Gloucester, Ocean and Burlington counties. LoBiondo has been serving the district since January 1995.

Congressman Frank LoBiondo visited The Grapevine office on September 4 to talk with the weekly's staff and advisors.

Participants in the questioning were Mike Epifanio, Editor and Publisher; Deborah A. Ein, Managing Editor; Contributing Columnist Paul Doe, Contributing Writer Mickey Brandt, and Ryan Dinger, Editorial Assistant, who transcribed all 8,000-plus words of the interview that follows.

The Grapevine: I thought we’d start off by asking you, out of all the legislation you’ve sponsored and supported and all the other ways you’ve affected policy in the past year, what do you think was the biggest opportunity to make an impact on your constituents here in Cumberland County?

Frank LoBiondo: Well, trying to influence policy—not a single piece of legislation—because, as you are keenly aware, we are suffering tremendously economically, unemployment-wise—we’re sort of at the top of all the wrong lists. What I try to do is understand what happens in the real world with our farmers and our small businesses, from a policy standpoint. So the people have the certainty and the stability within the framework of their businesses to be able to keep the jobs that they have or hopefully to increase the jobs that they’ve been providing. That’s been very challenging. There’s not a lot of good news that has come out of Washington. There isn’t any way to sugarcoat it. I think Obamacare is devastating small businesses. I’ve been meeting with all the chambers trying to convince the powers-that-be that we need to make some changes, because without that stability, a small business here in Vineland or Cumberland County is just not going to hire full-time employees. They’re not sure what the tax structure is going to be. So trying to influence those policies that reflect what happens in the real world is what I’ve been trying to work on the most.

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